To devise a category extension strategy for a super premium lifestyle accessories player


  • Is the men’s accessory market in India a huge opportunity for a player?
  • Which categories are doing well and have high potential in future?
  • Is the premium to luxury pen market growing?
  • What is the customer buying behaviour when shopping men’s accessories-–split by customer personas
  • What learnings can be derived for a new player from the successes and failures of key niche and broad based players ?


  • Primary trade research across retail formats to understand the strength and disposition of category
  • Primary consumer research to understand the consumer demographics, psychographics, behavioural trends, buying journey and other preferences
  • Secondary Research from various resources, RedSeer Knowledgebase, etc..


  • Mapped the customer perception for various brand attributes to identify the likes and dislikes
  • Studied the existing customer behaviour and identified the focus target segment
  • Delineated the category extension strategy for various lifestyle accessories without changing the positioning of the brand