Helping a US based university explore alliance options with Indian universities


  • Understanding the overall market landscape of Indian higher education
  • Exploring the current alliance scenarios and the universities currently having foreign alliances
  • Estimating the overall demand for foreign alliances among Indian universities
  • Identifying key decision factors of Indian universities looking for foreign alliance


  • Expert interviews
  • Interviews with university decision makers (50+)
  • Detailed secondary research and market sizing estimations
  • The schools were covered across 4 fee brackets and tier-I,II and III cities


  • The research helped our client
    • to understand the key decision factors used by Indian universities
    • choose a suitable alliance partner for higher education

Business model validation for a niche player providing physical education services in the K-12 space


  • A 360-degree analysis of the business model of the company
  • Specific deep-dive areas were the following:
    • Market sizing of the potential market including detailed segmentation and competitive landscape
    • Willingness of parents and schools to try out new physical education programs
    • Profitability and scalability analysis of the business model of the firm
    • Sales & marketing and operations assessment with respect to the strategic requirements of the firm


  • Detailed market assessment was carried out including market research activities to schools (1500), parents (350) and teachers (100)
  • Study of the market dynamics (Stakeholder Analysis) and focus on key forces which are going to influence the industry as a whole
  • Restructuring of the organization and developing processes and systems


  • A 30% increase in the top of the mind recall of the brand and 20% increase in the willingness to try a new program after implementing the recommended sales and marketing initiatives

Omni channel education, Part 2

Omni channel education, Part 2

The India B2B story is just emerging. All the green shoots exist – low penetration of online services, high internet access & data usage, willingness to experiment with new services.

However, today, the world is still offline. Customer footfalls and word of mouth still reign supreme. There’s a huge inertia to be overcome.

But people always try to make the best of both worlds. Bottomline: bottomline is the only thing that matters for small businesses.

Here’s a look at how tuitions are leveraging online.

Businesses are post online content for popularity, and therefore student acquisition

Two key takeaways from the charts:

1.Only less than half of the tuitions realize that online is way to grow their business, and actually post content online.

2.Only the top 20% have been able to realize the monetary benefits of making videos directly. For most tuitions, online remains an organic way to engage with their students.

Business operations streamlining is a secondary, but realized, benefit to tuitions

Omni channel education, Part 1

Omni channel education, Part 1

When the Indian cricket team stepped on the field to battle South Africa in September 2019, other than the team composition, one more thing had changed: the team sponsor was Byju’s.  The loss-making company continues to be at the heart of the discourse on Indian (and global) EdTech. As evident from the 5-year deal, worth over Rs 1000 Cr, the firm has cash to spare, and then some.

But for all the talk of disruption, online is a drop in the ocean that is the Indian education. K-12 remains steadfastly offline, as the proven medium for success. Mr. Sharma is not going to take a risk with his kid preparing for IITJEE (Advanced). On the other hand, Mr. Sharma will go the extra mile to get as much reference material that L’il Sharma can use. When we were kids, there was Resnick Halliday. Now there is Byju’s.

In fact, tuition teachers frequently recommend online reference material, and occasionally even incorporate this material in their own pedagogy.

Nobody’s denying that internet has changed the way learning happens in classrooms. But is it replacing offline any time soon? As Bill Gates famously (almost) said: “we overestimate the impact of technology in the short-term and underestimate the effect in the long run.”

Currently, EdTech has meaningfully penetrated only professional reskilling

Classroom learning is still growing for tuition centers, and will continue to be medium of focus for the foreseeable future

Offline tuitions are not going anywhere, any time soon, as businesses are mostly satisfied with the current state of things and does not need online medium to survive. Just about 40% of offline players show a willingness to grow their business offline.

In our next newsletter we will be exploring some actions taken by existing offline players to expand their business.

To assess the PE market and conduct competitor benchmarking to develop a future growth roadmap and market entry strategy


  • To assess the PE market and conduct competitor benchmarking to develop a future growth road map and market entry strategy


  • Conducting in-depth interviews with the management of top competitors in order to understand their product portfolio and market positioning
  • Ecosystem analysis by conducting expert interviews to understand the supply constraints & partner service portfolip
  • Secondary research using industry reports, annual reports etc. & interviews with industry experts in order to benchmark the pricing & profile of various players


  • The findings and recommendation from the research were used by the client to improvise the existing business model and execute the growth strategy devised