Online/Omnichannel growth strategy for a leading beauty retailer in India


  • What is the market size of beauty & personal care in India? What is the growth rate and key trends?
  • What is the share of online in the overall market? How will it evolve in future?
  • Who are the key customers for the client? Define key customer personas.
  • How does the wallet spend share look like for current and future customer?
  • How to use core strengths in repositioning to the right target customer group?


  • Primary trade research across retail formats to understand the strength and disposition of category
  • Primary consumer research to understand the consumer demographics, psychographics, behavioural trends, buying journey and other preferences
  • Discussion with industry experts to understand key fulfilment, procurement & inventory management models to develop both business as well as financial benchmarks
  • Secondary Research from various resources, RedSeer Knowledgebase, etc..


  • Projected online dominance in Indian beauty & personal care segment
  • Delineated core customer groups, their preferences, needs, existing gaps and current & future wallet share
  • Appropriate Digital Strategy based on the analysis done on core customer group
  • Financial Implications of the suggest Digital Strategy