Marketing Plan For Selected Micro-Markets For A Leading Hospital

The client wanted benchmarking key competitors on IPD share from the key city of operations and create a micro-market wise marketing plan


  • What is the client’s current performance on key metrics from Gurgaon in terms of: Therapeutic areas (# of IPD patients, surgeries etc.), Marketing Channels (# of camps, conversions etc.), Micro-markets (Footfall from various micro-markets etc.)
  • What are the marketing channels/ initiatives used by client and their performance on key metrics?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the client (in their perception)?


  • Detailed discussion with client team
  • Competitor patient surveys (30 from each competitor)
  • Competitor doctor interviews (5 from each competitor)
  • Interviews with competitors’ BD and marketing team
  • Interviews with GPs and specialists


  • RedSeer was able to help client to benchmark the client’s IPD numbers from the key catchment areas with that of key competitors and identify why they are not getting a “fair share”. Consequently, a marketing plan for various micro-markets was created.