Growth strategy for a leading meat super-vertical in India


  • What are the key cities that must be focused on to drive 15x growth?
  • Which Micro-Markets within a city are high priority for online meat delivery?
  • What are the key personas that must be focused on within each city?
  • What is the meat consumption, purchase behaviour and pain points faced by these key personas?


  • Data from Redseer IP and secondary sources was collected & indexed for each parameter, for comparable analysis with a focus on residential Micro Markets
  • Client’s understanding of Micro Markets to create the Indexing engine
  • Customers at select micro markets were interviewed to understand their meat-eating inclinations, purchase behaviour and pain points to leverage critical insights for the client to fine-tune their targeting strategy and value proposition


  • The findings and recommendations by this study was utilized by the client to expand its operations into high priority micro-markets