Dipstick due diligence for a new brand making waves in rural India


  • What are the key growth characteristics?
  • What are the key flavors, variants, and SKUs, fronted by the Target?
  • Are there any combinations that are working well? Why/ why not?
  • What is the sustainability of the growth – demand and supply side?
  • What are the key user segments?
  • Is the customer satisfied with the Target’s products and Why / why not?
  • In which geographies the product is doing well?
  • Does the product occupy enough mind-share, counter-share, and inventory-share in its core areas?


  • Field visits to ~10 districts that represented the strength and weak areas for the Target
  • Retailer Interviews within each district (moving away from the urban center to rural)
  • Customer exit interviews
  • Secondary research


  • We helped the Client identify the suitability of the Target to advance the discussion to the next stage of conducting a full due diligence