Customer preferences evaluation for a new Finance and Accounting (F&A) software


  • What are the key features that a new F&A software must have, so as to drive adoption among CA and business graduate?
  • To understand and determine why one of the well know Indian software company has high recall value and is most recommended?
  • Can households leverage F&A software for their budget management


  • Respondents: 100+ Internal and external accountants were interviewed with 75% from external and 50% from internal accountants
  • Questionnaire:
    • Each respondent was asked to provide rating for  “ recommending the Indian software product” to any one on a scale of 0 to 10
    • Evaluated three key competing products across 12 attributes


  • Client was able to determine how to tap into Indian consumers for adopting F&A software for better budget management
  • Client was able to determine the key driving factors and dynamics for Financial and Accounting software among professionals