Preparing an Organization for the next wave of growth.


  • A sales organization, with limited end-to-end manufacturing view
  • Weak manufacturing team, had no sync with corporate and sales team
  • Vision and values of organization were not reflected upon workforce
  • Lack of focus on human resource


  • A three pronged approach towards assessment of Business Process, Organization and People
  • Defined KRAs, KPIs and communication channel for existing teams
  • Proposed new organization, aligned with business processes


  • Senior management was able to focus on the strategic and long term vision, ~60% reduction on time spend in day- to- day activities
  • A strong manufacturing arm with production rise of 75% over a period of 1 year

Approach towards Organization restructuring

South India market entry in cPVC pipes and fittings


  • What does the market look like by state, district, channel, products and customer type?
  • What is the brand positioning of the company? What channel strategy should be adopted keeping in mind the customer preferences?
  • What is the competitor’s marketing and distribution strategy? How does the customer purchase the product?


  • 100+ Competitor Interviews
  • 500+ Channel Interviews
  • 300+ Customer Interviews


  • The research was helpful for client to design a go-to-market strategy for the new product launch

Sector landscaping and distribution network; Electrical & Hardware- Output


  • All electrical and hardware stores were surveyed in 3 cities in Karnataka carrying relevant product categories- fans, CFL, geyser, mixer, iron, pumps and patti
  • Specifically, the following things were recorded for each store:
    • Total units sold for each product category in a month

    • Market share of client and its competitors for each product category

    • Top distributors and client’s distributors serving the shop


  • The cities were divided into areas. Each area was systematically covered to ensure 100% coverage
  • Covered over 4000 outlets on field across 3 cities within a span of 30 days
  • 3-tier quality check was done on the data captured on the field:
    • 15-20% of data captured was confirmed on phone

    • The list of stores was checked against association lists and secondary  research

    • Area experts were consulted to ensure that none of the stores are missed


  • The research helped the consulting firm to transform the client’s distribution strategy and create more efficient distribution network