Electrical Store Price Benchmarking Across Categories

The client wanted to understand the price difference for 20 key electrical product category across different store type in identified cities


  • Price variance in un-organized retail for similar SKU
  • Ensuring Data quality for each store and understand reason for price variance


  • Field visit in 4 cities based on cohort design
  • Interviews with store owner/Manager
  • Field heuristic to identify hotspots for electrical goods


  • The research helped our client in understanding the price points which retailers stock electrical products across different zones in a city

Retail Census In Building Materials Across The Largest Cities In India​

To map all retailers stocking any of three identified anchor categories in building materials across the densest real estate markets in India


  • Estimating the total number of retailers touch points across top 5-6 cities
  • Ensuring >90% coverage of the retail hubs in each city
  • Ensuring consistent data collection across cities with detailed information such as

-Geo-physical locations and store front photographs

-Categories of products and brands stocked

-Business characteristics


  • Industry reports and existing RedSeer databases
  • Web crawling and geo-mapping
  • Interviews with senior executives of companies in the related business
  • Field data collection


  • The research helped our client to build a database to perform advanced analytics and understand the key trends in the building materials market in India

We segmented the approach into 4 stages