Business model validation for a niche player providing physical education services in the K-12 space


  • A 360-degree analysis of the business model of the company
  • Specific deep-dive areas were the following:
    • Market sizing of the potential market including detailed segmentation and competitive landscape
    • Willingness of parents and schools to try out new physical education programs
    • Profitability and scalability analysis of the business model of the firm
    • Sales & marketing and operations assessment with respect to the strategic requirements of the firm


  • Detailed market assessment was carried out including market research activities to schools (1500), parents (350) and teachers (100)
  • Study of the market dynamics (Stakeholder Analysis) and focus on key forces which are going to influence the industry as a whole
  • Restructuring of the organization and developing processes and systems


  • A 30% increase in the top of the mind recall of the brand and 20% increase in the willingness to try a new program after implementing the recommended sales and marketing initiatives